Konton's iPhone application labolatory



I am developing the application for iPhone/iPod touch. It is available on iTunes Store(App Store).

iPhone/iPod touch/iPad application

Abyss Quest

AbyssQuest - ranged attack AbyssQuest - item list AbyssQuest - use a item

It is a game of the random generation dungeon exploration(roguelike).


EasyRDS - making RDS EasyRDS - RDS

Random dot stereogram (RDS) can be made from a hand-written image on iPhone/iPod touch.


Tiny3D - turn on frontlight DFX import from http sample

3D editor and viewer. Easy making 3D object on iPhone/iPod touch.


item list date / count editor search

The time limit management software for foods. Preservation number unrestricted version.

Kigen Lite

Free version of Kigen. Version where preservation number limitation exists.

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