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About Kigen Lite

It is software to make to the list and to manage the date(time limit) and the count such as foods.
The list has item name and category name.
There are three level of list exist in this soft.

1.Category list
2.Item list
3.Date / count list

These lists are automatically sorted.
All list pages can save 2 pieces.

For example, if you want to manage some eggs, you make a category named "Refrigerator", and make item named "Eggs" in this category.
This "Refrigerator" category can make other item ("Milk", "Sliced cheese", and so on.)
These item name and category name can change at all times.

Count can be input from 1 to 999999.
If you input zero count, the combination of date and count was deleted.

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Version up history

ver 2.1 new

It corresponded to the resolution of iPad.

ver 2.0

The data preservation form was changed to Core Data. The data form is converted when there is data of the previous version.
The start screen was changed to the time limit order list.
The setting of the standard mail application program was used to transmit the report mail. Therefore, the transmission using SSL became possible.
The guide was changed.
When the category and the item were added, it was moved to the lower layer by the automatic operation.
As for the time limit, the input of each hour became possible.
A part of design of the screen was changed.
The rule of the screen display was changed as follows.

  • The total number is displayed in the upper right of the icon of the home screen when there is invalidity.
  •  The invalid one is displayed by the list in red.
  •  As for the category and the item including invalidity, the name is displayed in red.
  •  When total was 0, the total of the number was displayed in red.

Version 2.0 manual (English)

ver 1.7.0

The display narrowing function in category/item name was added to List View.
POP before SMTP and SMTP-AUTH (PLAIN and LOGIN) were added to the authentic method at Mail Sending.
It corresponded to the display of French, German, Italian, and Spanish. (Excluding help.)

ver 1.6.0

Edit and delete date / count in List View.

English version video

ver 1.5.0

The Mail Sending function of internal data was installed as a new features included.
The scroll speed of the list screen such as List View screens has improved.
The total of the number that existed under that in the item list came to be displayed.

ver 1.0.1

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